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Who am i and what are my skills

Rigorous, creative and curious, I am above all passionate about video games.

During my professional experiences, I acquired rigor, autonomy and working method through multiple projects. It is through these projects that I gained experience as a Game Designer, learning to adapt to constraints and meet deadlines while developing my technical knowledge and skills.

I have worked in collaboration with programmers, artists and other designers within different teams, using the agile methodology i have been the owner of multiple features and i'm used to communicate efficientely and manage teams.

Throughout my experience I was able to explore the different aspects of the game designer profession, from the writing of Game Design Documents to the prototyping and the balancing of game features. I developed an attraction for the technical aspect of the game design and i really like to work directly in the game engine.

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  • 🧩 Game Designer

    5 years of professional experience.
    4 years of game design study.

  • 🛠 Tech oriented

    Love to work inside the game engine.
    Strong experience in data-driven engines and visual scripting.

  • 🇫🇷 French


  • 🇬🇧 English

    Professional skill - C1

Unreal Engine 4 Unity Adobe Photoshop Perforce Jira Trello Miro Microsoft Excel Microsoft Visio Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Word Microsoft Publisher Google Docs Google sheets


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